Safety & Security


Safety & Security

At Couch Tutors, we strive to provide everyone a safe and secure place to learn. Your safety and security while using our services are important to us. We want you to be equipped with knowledge of how to be safe when using our services.

Internet Security

Keeping your personal information private is important. All sensitive data is encrypted on our end using HTTPS encryption. For additional security, it’s also a good idea to log out and close the internet browser after every time you use our service.

Tutoring Safety

We vet our tutors, but it’s also important to do your own due diligence when connecting with a tutor. Here are some helpful tips that can keep you safe:

Check your tutor’s reviews. Look for tutors with more reviews and those with higher ratings. The more in-depth the review is the better. For in-person sessions, meet in a public place. A library, community center, or coffee shop are all great places to meet your tutor. Never give out personal information to your tutor. This includes phone number, address, or your child’s school. For minors, always have an adult present at tutoring sessions. Whether meeting virtually or in person, an adult should always be present for sessions with minors. Be aware of red flags such as tutors requesting an adult leave the room for the duration of the session.

Questions For Us?

We welcome any chance to improve this site and the services we provide. For any questions or concerns you may have, please contact us.