Schools, Universities and Governmental Organizations

Schools, Universities, and Organizations

Give your students the customized tools they need to succeed. Are you an educator or administrator looking to provide that extra boost your students need? At Couch Tutors, we know how difficult it can be to find outside services that meet the needs of your school, university, or organization.

We provide customized tutoring services to help supplement what students learn in the classroom. We can help with:

ACT/SAT prep

Preparing for exams

Online learning solutions

Tutoring in individual subjects

Elementary, middle, high school students

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Our Services

Get your school, university, or organization to be part of the Couch Tutors network. We provide support to both you and your students, and can help you cut down on operational costs as we do it. There’s something for everyone to learn.

Academic Packages

Our academic packages are available for semester or year-long time frames to help large groups of students. These services can be in-person or virtual. Get yours now ahead of your next semester or school year.

Tutor the World

Get world-class service from tutors all over the world! Our tutors can help with a wide variety of subjects to best meet the needs of your students. Customized Tutoring Centers

We’re only going to provide what you ask for. Whether it’s help in a specific subject or SAT prep for your district. We can customize our tutoring centers to fit your needs.