1 How Do I Find a Tutor?

Once you have an account and have searched for your subject, you will find a database of potential tutors for you to choose from. You can browse through their profiles, read reviews, and check their availability. When you have found a tutor that’s right for you, you can message them to get started. CTA: Find Your Tutor Here

2 How Does Online Tutoring Work?

You’ve booked your time with your tutor and now you’re ready to learn. When it’s time for your session, simply log into your Couch Tutors account and access your next session. Your tutor will be waiting for you in your digital classroom. Be sure to have a good internet connection and headphones handy. It’s best to take your tutoring sessions in a quiet room with no distractions.

3 What Subjects Can I Learn?

We offer hundreds of subjects for you to choose from. Learn core subjects like English, math, and science, as well as various electives like business, computer science, languages, and fine arts. We also offer test prep for AP, IB, SAT, ACT, and GED. CTA: View All Subjects

4 What Services Are Available?

You can choose the service that best meets your needs. Choose from: 1 on 1 tutoring Select packages over an extended period of time like a semester or entire school year, or one-off emergency homework help. Study Buddies Groups of two or more can learn the same subject for a discounted rate. You can find a group to learn with if you don’t already have one. College Search Get help with the college admissions process from the admissions professionals at Couch Tutors. Schools, Universities, and Governmental Agencies Packages Help your students with a tutoring package and cut down on operating costs. CTA: Explore Our Products

5 How Does Couch Tutors Work?

Couch Tutors connects students with qualified tutors to help with homework, test preparation, and even college searches. Our tutors are from all over the world so no matter when you need help you can always receive it. Get started by searching for your subject. From there, you can search through the database of tutors in that field and select the one you’d like to learn more about. CTA: Let’s Get Learning

6 How Do I Register as a Tutor?

We made registration simple. Start here to become a tutor. Register your account and select your subject(s) Submit your resume and educational background Edit your account so students can find you CTA: Sign Up Now

7 I’ve Created My Tutor Profile. How Do I Get Students?

Students can contact you directly. The better your reviews the more likely you are to get students messaging you. But when you’re just starting out on Couch Tutors and building up clients, you can browse students or study buddy groups looking for tutors in your field(s). From there you can message them directly and offer your services. Remember to personalize every message. Once you start tutoring, encourage your students to leave you reviews!

8 What Can I Expect in the First Session?

As a tutor, you should set expectations right from the beginning on how sessions are going to work. Talk with the parents and students about their goals for tutoring. You should also gauge the level of the student to see where they are already proficient and what they may need to work on. As a student or parent, you should come prepared with any questions you have for your tutor and be ready to talk about your current academic standing and goals. Your tutor might also take you through a few practice questions to you in action. Make sure you have paper and a pen or pencil nearby so you can take notes from day one.

9 How Can I Leave My Tutor a Review?

If you had a great experience with a tutor, be sure to let them know! You can leave a review for your tutor after your session. Once you exit the tutoring session, go back to your profile to view past sessions. Your most recent session will pop up and you’ll be able to leave your tutor a review.

10 How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

There are a few different pricing plans so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you. You can choose to pay as you go from $40/hour or select from a variety of pricing plans that include 24/7 tutoring, emergency homework help, and the ability to change or cancel at any time.

11 How can i get a free Demo class here?

After sign in in app you can get a free demo class.